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Client Relationship


Working with clients is a tough job and most of the time it's us! While the concept of giving your clients exactly what they ask for seems a daunting task. At AJS Capital Management we have come to accept that there are certain invaluable truths which portfolio managers need to underpin to deliver exceptional results.

Know Their Knowledge

It's quite easy in our position to make assumptions about the level of knowledge an individual has, and as a consequence we can often jump to conclusions regarding how equipped a client is to explore the possibilities of their portfolios. Some clients will have done their research, others won't have. Some clients will possess solid investment knowledge skills but others will not. It's important that you assess each client individually in order to approach them in a way they will understand. Otherwise you run the risk of confusing and alienating them which will get things off to a bad start.

Understand Their Industry

Let's face facts here: no matter what field you work in - whether it be design, marketing, writing, or something else - knowing the target audience, the competition, and the industry of your clients  is critical to getting to grips with their considerations. When we begin working with a client we begin by doing some basic research to see if the client's wishes are not only possible but suitable for their specific goals. Having such insights will give you essential skills that transcend the communications barrier such as empathy and outside perspective, both of which may save you making mistakes.

Define Their Requirements

While knowing their background and determining risk play their parts, defining their true requirements are essential in the portfolio construction process. As an essential rule, it's critical that any portfolio manager undertaking a new client take the time to finalize and reinforce any requirements the client has requested. Early before you begin the development stage is when such clarification pays off as scope creep is often the result of poorly defined goals and objectives. While the paperwork may be the most boring part of the job, organization is critical to a successful working relationship and porfolio.

Assist Their Education

Sometimes we make mistakes that can simply be fixed, other times these mistakes can rot away at the business. It's not only essential that the performance we deliver match both the client's needs and our own high expectations, but we need to deal with situations that may work out unfavorably for the client. As we are responsible for ensuring a quality of work, We maintain that educating clients to make good choices is part of the job, however it's important to do this with tact and a friendly disposition.

Constant Communication

This final rule underpins everything about managing client relationships. Once we have had meetings with clients and signed off on portfolio details, it's quite easy for us to slip into an anti-social bubble in which we stop communicating with our clients. This is a bad thing and can lead to problems down the line! We always ensure that we keep our clients in the loop, give them the power and knowledge to ensure that each stage of the process.

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