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For most investors, investment is considered to be an exercise best viewed over the long-term. Irrespective of what we call the “wonder anecdotes” - where a lucky individual bought stock in, say, Apple, held it (or forgot about it) and sold it at the top of the market netting millions - such events are now considered by many to be a pipe dream given today’s new reality in financial markets.

When embarking on a long-term investment strategy, we must examine the ways in which the effects of today’s market volatility can be mitigated. AJS Capital Management can reduce the effects of market volatility on a portfolio by using disciplined asset allocation and diversification techniques.

Asset Allocation is the spread your investment between different asset types and regions.

Diversification is the spread of equities or other products within a particular asset class.

The majority of people simply do not have the time or the knowledge needed to actively trade markets with the level of success necessary to secure even modest returns. Here at AJS Capital Management, we have the professionals with the expertise to deal with the peaks and troughs in the markets so that you don’t have to.

You will never find a “prêt à porter” portfolio that your personal circumstances can be shoe-horned into because we simply don’t stock them. All our portfolios are as individual as the clients for whom we construct them. Before deciding on asset allocation, we evaluate risk tolerance and reconcile this with the client’s investment objectives. Often, clients find that their expectations for return on investment are at odds with the level of risk they are willing or able to tolerate in order to achieve it. It is usually at or around this time that clients begin to take the investment concept that much more seriously. 

Our aim is and always will be to ensure that the client feels comfortable with the degree of risk he or she is exposing their hard-earned capital to. After all, there is little point in plumping for a high-risk strategy if it is only going to keep you awake at night. 

Over the last two years, we have noticed a definite shift towards investments that can best be described as defensive. There is a growing desire to preserve the spending power of money and this is understandable given the seemingly daily instances of global government intervention into markets. AJS Capital Management’s core markets are ideal for this new paradigm and many portfolios feature exposure to precious metals and other hard assets as well as blue chip stocks in pharmaceuticals. 

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