AJS Capital Management,LLC - Portfolio Management & Thematic Investment Strategies

Welcome to AJS Capital Management, LLC

AJS Capital Management, LLC.is a 100 percent employee-owned domestic limited liability company (“LLC”) & registered investment advisor, based in Boston, Massachusetts. Since the firm’s founding on September 09, 2010, our primary focus has been managing personal relationships through separate account vehicles.

Our firm’s core collaboration of investment individuals has worked together for the past several years, as AJS Capital Management, LLC. Since the founding of AJS Capital, our commitment has been to build a firm that is client focused while providing consistent investment management through various market environments. The main factor in providing our clients with such consistency is our 100% employee ownership.

AJS Capital Management, LLC, provides active growth equity and fixed income investment management services to individual investors. Our products include large and all-cap growth equity portfolios as well as core, intermediate and short-term fixed income portfolios. The portfolio managers at AJS Capital Management have an average of 10 years of experience in establishing, managing and servicing investment portfolios in these products. We pride ourselves in being responsive and providing tailored, client-specific reporting to our clients across the United States.